I'm JagdCake.

And I


Web development,

  • mostly front-end,
  • (the things you see on a page)

  • some back-end
  • (things which add functionality but you don't see)

  • and I focus on performance and accessibility.

Miscellaneous programming,

  • mainly automation scripts,
  • (in Bash, Python, Node.js)

  • a bit of Rust and Go
  • and I use PostgreSQL.
  • (to work with data, for visualization purposes)

I also dabble in 3D modeling,

  • usually by creating static interior scenes
  • and sometimes focusing on a single object,
  • it's all very standard, nothing too artsy.
  • (stuff like furniture, vehicles, posters)



  • trying to do things in a straightforward way,
  • from web dev with functional CSS and plain JavaScript,
  • to organizing everything by using plain text files.


  • the food I make doesn't always look the best
  • but it is still tasty
  • (well, most of the time)

  • and most often than not, healthy.


  • because I also enjoy a good story,
  • so no matter what it's about
  • I try to watch a movie every day.


  • more specifically Solus,
  • because it provides ease of development
  • and consequently better productivity.


  • for writing code,
  • because I like how customizable it is
  • and for the time-tested key bindings.


  • to create 3D models,
  • prototype design elements
  • and play around with physics.